Revaluing Trust and the New Employee-Employer Relationship

Revaluing Trust and the New Employee-Employer Relationship

The employee-employer relationship has never been tested as it has over the past year and a half. Employers scrambled to do whatever they needed to protect their employees while keeping the business going. Large portions of the workforce were furloughed while other workforce groupings saw dramatic decreases in hours worked. And moving just as swiftly as employers, employees faced a new reality of getting work done while isolating at home. In addition, the line between work and family instantly blurred.

Now that we are returning, where does the employee-employer relationship stand? How has trust between employees and employers been impacted and how do we go about building stronger levels of trust and commitment between both parties? What are the actions that management has to do now to keep people connected, motivated, and cut through the high levels of burnout?

Join us on September 30 at 8:00AM as we dive deeper into the new state of the employee-employer relationship with special guests Beth Gibson, Vice President of People Strategy and Culture at Dealer Tire, and Christopher Kujawa, Chief HR Officer at Conduent.


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  • This price is for 1 attendee.

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  • September 30, 2021
  • 8:00 AM to 10:00 AM
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