The Evolution of Training and Development: Digital Badging

The Evolution of Training and Development: Digital Badging

Independence, OH

Speaker: Mary Anne Nestor - Instructional Design Consultant and Badge Evangelist

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Session Description: Frameworks, models, and systems of digital badging implementation and their use as credentials became part of the evolution of training and development beginning in 2011. Emerging from the intersection of games culture, visuals on the Internet, and the traditional and historical uses of badges and medals, the digital badge is an online visual representation of an accomplishment, skill, or award. In this presentation badge evangelist, MaryAnne Nestor, will discuss the benefits of awarding digital badges for participation, motivation, and competencies. She will take you through the badging process from beginning to end and will include some case studies on how digital badges have been used in the industry and in education. She will show you what a badge does and the basics on creating one. Lastly she will discuss how to award badges and how recipients receive their badges and offer some tips. Participants should be able to: • Articulate the difference between a digital badge and other types of certificates. • Describe benefits of digital badges. • Identify how a badge might be used in their profession. • Explain how badge platforms work.

About Our Speaker: MaryAnne Nestor is an Instructional Design Consultant and Badge Evangelist. She is knowledgeable in both instructional design principles and supporting educational technologies. While working at Kent State University she started a badging program to award faculty for attending and participating in workshops. The badging program at Kent has spread to Human Resources, the Stark Campus, the Kent State's Center for Corporate and Professional Development, and Kent’s Center for Student Involvement. MaryAnne has presented on badging with libraries, human resource departments, several universities, and at the DevLearn conference. She maintains and improves her job knowledge through avid reading, attending and participating in conferences, meetings with colleagues and peers, and advanced coursework in the Higher Education Administration degree program.

This program is approved for 1.5 credits for SHRM and has been submitted for review to HRCI for re-certification credits.

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When and Where

Embassy Suites Hotel - Independence
Independence, OH
Date and Time
  • March 19, 2020
  • 7:30 AM to 10:00 AM